This is ..., iphone development home of Evan Robinson.

I wrote my first computer game my junior year of high school, on an HP mainframe run by the school district. It was a tank vs. gun game, written in BASIC, which ran on a paper terminal, drawing each “screen” further down the page.

I wrote my first personal computer game on an original TRS-80 in the school library my senior year of high school. It was a graphically augmented (but still turn based) version of “Lunar Lander”. I took the algorithm from a version of the game which ran on an HP-25 (I think) calculator and re-wrote it in BASIC.

I wrote my first commercial computer game in 65xx assembly language on the Commodore 64, porting Picnic Paranoia from Synapse Software. Although the development process produced some interesting technology (we used Atari 800s as cross-development machines with a homemade cable from the Atari 800 joystick ports and used scan-line interrupts to display C64 hardware sprites multiple times per screen), the port was never released on the C64.

My first published commercial computer game was Mail Order Monsters (aka Artist Contract #31) on the C64, published by Electronic Arts in 1985. M.O.M. was followed at EA by World Tour Golf on the IBM PC (ported to the C64) and Centurion: Defender of Rome on the IBM PC and Sega Genesis.

During a year at EA as a Technical Director I was somehow officially responsible for work on or contributions to: Bards Tale 3 IBM, Bloodliners Sega, DPaint IIe v 2.4, Jordan Adventure Sega, La Russa ‘94 sega, La Russa II 3DO, Madden 3DO, Madden ‘95 3DO, MULE Sega, Mutant Hockey League Sega, Normy Sega, Ring of Doom Sega, Savage Heroes Sega, Urban Strike Sega, Perfect 3DO, Psychic Detective 3DO, Letters 3DO, 80 Days 3DO, Scooter 3DO, Numbers 3DO, Madden ‘94 Sega, EA Sports Boxing, Euro Tour Sega, Jordan Adventure SNES, Madden ‘94 Sega CD, Madden ‘95 SNES, NHL ‘95 SNES, Road Rash III Sega, Tennis Sega, Tony La Russa 3DO, Walsh II Sega, 3DO Loader, FMX, XFighters IBM, Madden ‘95 Sega, F117 Nightstorm, Jordan In Flight 3DO, Soundwave 3DO, and NHL ‘95 3DO. Not all of these products were published and some were published under other titles.

At Rocket Science Games I headed the development department during their “re-start”, during which we shipped Rocket Jockey, Obsidian, and The Space Bar (developed by Boffo Games, led by Steve Meretzky of Infocom fame) and finished but did not ship Darwin Pond.

I did some other stuff (ImagiNation Network, Adobe, consulting) and moved to the Vancouver, BC area in 2004 and did some more other stuff (consulting, Threewave Software). After getting an MBA in Management of Technology from Simon Fraser University and working for a few months on a startup that kept changing direction on me, I called in well and started developing iPhone software, beginning with Hero Roller and Hero Roller Lite. It many ways, it’s a return to my roots programming on the limited Atari 800 and Commodore 64 platforms with modern tools.

I blog at Group News Blog and my personal blog Mischievous Ramblings II. I used to write for two now-dead game development magazines: The CGDA Report and The Cursor.