Hero Roller User's Guide (v1.0)

Roll Damage Display (Dice Rolls)

Annotated Hero Roller Damage Display
1. Damage Display: Body is displayed on the left in red, Stun on the right in white, Stun multiplier in the middle when appropriate.
2. Damage Class Slider: slide white circular "thumb" to the right to increase the number of DCs rolled. Changes are reflected in 3 & 4.
3. Damage Class Display: shows the current number of DCs selected.
4. Roll Normal Damage & Roll Killing Damage buttons: Number of dice rolled are shown on the button surface. Selecting the left button rolls normal damage, selecting the right button rolls killing damage.
5. Maximum Damage Classes: shows the maximum number of DCs on the Damage Class Slider (2). This is the number of DCs shown when the slider "thumb" is all the way to the right.
6. Stun Multiplier: shows the current value to be added to the Stun Multiplier for the current killing damage roll. As displayed, the Stun Multiplier will be 1d6-1 (minimum value of 1) plus the value shown. This is in accordance with 5th Edition Champions. A future version of the software will probably have a preference selector between multiple options for the base Stun Multiplier.
7. Display Selector: selects between display dice results (shown in this image) and preload buttons.
8. Individual Die Roll Display: Displays die rolls (up to approximately 120 dice) in the order they were rolled.
9. Total Die Roll Display: Displays the number of dice rolling each possible value. In the display, one die rolled a '1', two dice rolled '3', one die rolled '4', five dice rolled '5, and three dice rolled '6'.

Roll Damage Display (Preloads)

Annotated Hero Roller Preload Display
1. Draggable Dice Roll: Once damage dice have been rolled (either a normal damage attack or a killing damage attack), you can drag these dice down to any of the Preload buttons (3) to set the preload button damage roll value.
2. Display Selector: selects between display dice results and preload buttons (shown in this image).
3. Preload Buttons: Once set -- by dragging the dice roll (1) to it -- each preload button will re-roll the set of damage dice whenever it is selected. In the display shown, the upper left preload button holds 12d6 normal damage. Everytime that preload button is selected, 12d6 of normal will be rolled and the result will appear in the Damage Display.

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