Hero Roller User's Guide (v1.1)

Dice Screen

Annotated Hero Roller Normal Damage Display
1. Damage Display: Body is displayed on the left in red, Stun on the right in white, Stun multiplier in the middle when appropriate. Stun multiplier is selectable as 1d6-1 or 1d3 in the Settings screen.
2. Roll button: Select to roll dice according to number of DCs (3) and damage type (4)
3. Damage Class Display: Shows the current number of DCs selected.
4. Normal / Killing Damage switch: Selecting this switch toggles the damage type from Normal to Killing and back again. The type of damage currently selected effects the display: Stun Multiple entry is only allowed when damage type is Killing.
5. Damage Class Slider: Slide white circular "thumb" to the right to increase the number of DCs rolled. Changes are reflected in 3 & 4.
6. Draggable Dice Roll: This dice roll specification (e.g. 2 1/2d6 K as shown) is the dice roll that will be executed upon selecting the Roll button (2). To load a preload, drag this text to any preload button. As you pass over each preload button, it will highlight to show that you can drop the roll there to assign the preload. To concel assignment, just drop the roll (pick up your finger from the screen to stop dragging) when you are not over a highlighted preload button.
7. Maximum Damage Classes: Shows the maximum number of DCs on the Damage Class Slider (5). This is the number of DCs shown when the slider "thumb" is all the way to the right.
8. Stun Multiplier Add: Sets the value to add to the Stun Multiplier. The caption below the text shows the base stun multiple die roll as set in the Settings screen.
9. Preload Buttons: Once set -- by dragging the dice roll (9) to it -- each preload button will re-roll the set of damage dice whenever it is selected. In particular, the stun multiple add (not visible in this display) is retained by the preload.
10. Toolbar: Select the various icons for various program functions. From left to right, they are: Dice, Help, History, and Settings.

History Screen

Hero Roller History Display
Displays a list of previous die rolls with their details, including the roll specification (e.g. "12d6 N" for 12 dice of Normal damage), total stun and total body. To see a full list of the details, simply select the row. The number of rolls saved is set in the Settings screen.
1. Dice Roll Index: Shows the number of the dice roll in the history sequence.
2. Dice Specification: Shows the number of which were rolled.
3. Damage Type: Shows "K" for Killing damage, "N" for Normal damage.
4. Body / Stun Totals: Value before the "/" is BODY done, value after the "/" is STUN done.
5. Roll Details: As many of the individual die rolls as possible are shown. To see a complete summary, click on (6)
6. Selecting the row will bring up a full detailed disclosure view.

Settings Screen

Hero Roller Settings Display
The Settings screen allows you to set:
1. Whether a shake gesture activates a die roll in the Dice screen
2. Whether the stun multiplier is 1d6-1 or 1d3
3. Whether the details of a dice roll automatically appear after the roll
4. Length of the history buffer (in number of dice rolls)
5. Whether or not a sound accompanies each dice roll
In addition, you can:
6. Erase the history
7. Empty the preloads
8. Restore the default settings

How Do I...

Get Rid of the Keyboard?

Just click the Dismiss button right above the keyboard.
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